Well, we’re back East helping out a parent again so you know what that means – food show! This one’s heading for Rhode Island PBS!

This past November we began production on A Taste of Rhode Island, a food and travel series about the unique and dynamically evolving Rhode Island food scene. It’s an idea we’ve been harboring for years, during our annual pilgrimage to Rhode Island to visit Ali’s mother and all her old friends from her summers working restaurants in Newport. Rhode Island And we’re happy to announce that Rhode Island PBS is picking up the show! It’s our first series on a PBS station and we’re super excited to have crossed this threshold. The show will start airing late May or early June on WSBE Channel 8, which reaches from eastern Connecticut to southern New Hampshire. We’ll also be posting segments on our website here and our YouTube channel once the episodes air on PBS.

Rhode Island is a small state but is home to a very strong identity and a distinct and enthusiastic food culture. Its has over 400 miles of coastline and access to some of the best seafood and shellfish in the world. It’s also a somewhat temperate climate with a thriving farming culture as well. Add to that the strong Italian, Portuguese, Irish, and English influences, with a host of new flavors from Latin America, Asia, and African influences, and you have one incredibly diverse and delicious food mecca. And it’s so compact, nothing is more than an hour away, so you can cover a lot of ground and food types in a short period of time. So basically it’s the perfect scenario for a food show. We filmed the pilot in Newport, where Ali used to spend summers working restaurants back in the day. Two of Ali’s longtime friends and work acquaintances now own their own restaurants on Broadway Avenue, which have been pivotal in the transformation of this downtown area from somewhat gritty, locals only area, to a thriving culinary hotspot that still caters very much to the local crowd but is increasingly visited by tourists wandering up from the waterfront area. Here’s a quick preview of our first rough episode, the Rebirth of Broadway.